The Secret of Success
— Eunice Wong

I am an singer/ song writer from NYC. I have been devoting my life to brining a sound to the world that uplifts the human soul and inspires others to creat beautiful things. I recored 3 albums, 90 songs, and have performed live around the world. I am working on a new album and filming a music video. Please follow my journey anby staying connected with the site. I hope you will download my music, order some of my clothing  and hopefully come see a show. I look forward to meeting you.

i am eunice.

As part of the small but growing circle of American female singer-songwriter and producers, Eunice Wobble Wong puts a feminine take on electronic music production, with sounds inspired by innovators of today's music, BjorkLana Del Rey, and Santigold. While Eunice's vocal style is shaped by singing Jazz standards and Blues, her beats are influenced by her love for drum'n'bass and UK dubstep, hence adapting "Wobble" as her middle name.  

A quiet only child who likes to sing alone, Eunice Wong grew up in Macau and Yangon, Burma, where the lack of entertainment (and electricity) led her to spend a big part of her childhood singing along to hits from The BeatlesThe Carpenters, and Faye Wong on a walkman, and later, on CD players. At the age of 12, she taught herself to play songs on her father's acoustic guitar, and performed in talent shows.

She moved to her birthplace New York City upon being accepted to Stuyvesant High School. Rejected by the school choir, she was only more fueled to write and sing her own music, and to build her own stage. As a teenager heavily influenced by Garbage and Smashing Pumpkins, Eunice sang in Just a Pupil, a Latin alt-rock band formed by members of Colombia's ska band, Batracios. Through her bandmates, she found a fondness for rock, dub, reggae, and electronica. She learned from them how to compose, arrange, play gigs, and to make a spiritual commitment to be an artist.

While in college and interning for Doug E Fresh in Harlem, Eunice started to make beats, record,  and performed as a solo artist at universities and in the underground scene. Years later, after a failed studio business, she began songwriting at Deetown Entertainment, and their first collaboration landed a national commercial with 7up. Although her pop songs drummed up label interest, Eunice continued to create experimental electronic music and independently produced and released Tame this Heart EP. She developed a mentorship with John King, the founder of  Chung King Studios and is working on new material. She is expected to release an album in 2014, with an enigmatic "Tribal Pop" sound. 


Writing helps me get into a rhythem. when I wrtie I feel the world come to a balance and I have content to create my new music .


When I am in the studio, I know things are ramping up. I get energized working with new artist and prepping my workflow to take my songs on tour.


Performing is the most rewarding part. When I am in concert, it is the first time I see when all my work pays off by seeing how much people enjoy the content I put out.


Working with specific artists has always been a dream of mine. Now I am in the world where I get to share ideas to the same people I used to look up to.

Art by Eunice

I also make prints and other works of art if you care to follow